To assist New Zealand companies to increase exports by providing structured finance and insurance solutions that complement those in the private sector.

The New Zealand Export Credit Office (NZECO) aims to facilitate and encourage New Zealand export trade by providing export credit insurance products to New Zealand exporters, particularly for those countries, sectors and contracts which the private sector may not have the capacity or willingness to cover.  In this way, we can act as a catalyst to help New Zealand exporters enter new markets and to offer larger export transactions.

Our export credit guarantees assist New Zealand exporters in securing international business by enabling them to offer competitive finance terms to their international buyers.  Our products and services are designed to reduce the risks of non-payment, and to encourage New Zealand banks to finance the export transaction and credit.

The NZECO also aims to build the capacity and awareness of New Zealand exporters and financiers about the benefits and ways of offering structured trade finance terms to their international buyers.

A further NZECO objective is to operate in accordance with commercial principles and to manage its risks in a manner to be self-sustaining in the longer-term.